High Hopes? Or Smoke and Mirrors? Marijuana 103, Cannabinoid Receptors


By Robert G. Bell

Robert BellMarijuana affects almost every body system with many of the properties associated with alcohol, opiates, tranquillizers and hallucinogens. Marijuana can be anxiolytic, sedative, and analgesic, and can stimulate appetite. Toxicities are very low, and no deaths directly due to acute cannabis use have ever been reported.

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No Brownie Points: Teen Faces Life Sentence for Pot Brownies

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Round Rock, TX -When it comes to crimes that deserve a life sentence, could selling pot brownies be high on the list?

Well, one 19-year-old could face that penalty after Round Rock cops found nearly a pound and a half of hash oil-laced brownies in his apartment, back in April.

Jacob Lavoro was reportedly planning to sell the ganja goodies for $25 bucks a pop. In Colorado, a single hash brownie is legally allowed to contain 10-milligrams of THC. In Texas, we’re harsh on hash. The oil contains high levels THC — the chemical found in pot.

“Worried and nervous,” Lavoro said, after lab results revealed a total of 2.5 grams of THC in his baked treats.

“That’s about the equivalent to two and a half of those sugar [packets] you find at a restaurant when you sit down”, Lavoro’s attorney Jack Holmes explained.

Holmes wants the charges…

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‘I cured my cancer with CANNABIS OIL’


A grandfather battling cancer claims he managed to cure himself of the disease using cannabis oil.

Mike Cutler, 63, was diagnosed in 2009 after blacking out at work – and was given a transplant in November that year.

He was given the all-clear but says the disease came back in late 2012 – attacking the new organ he had been given.

Mike Cutler claims the cancerous cells in his liver disappeared after he began taking home-made cannabis oil

Desperate to survive, he began to look online – and found a YouTube video which described the use of cannabis oil as a cure.

He claims that just three days after taking the class B drug, his excruciating pain disappeared.

In May this year, the grandfather-of-nine went for a biopsy at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

To his relief, doctors told him the new cancerous cells had vanished.

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“Miracle” Cannabis Oil: May Treat Cancer, But Money and the Law Stand in the Way of Finding Out


Whether or not science embraces cannabis oil doesn’t matter much to Aldrich. She believes that it’s what kept her alive — and the good news is spreading. About a month ago she and her husband were out to dinner. “I was telling the waiter, and he knew all about cannabis oil,” she says. “If a waiter at Red Lobster knows about it, it’s really breaking through. It’s like a cab driver giving you tips about the stock market.”

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